PRBreakfast Club – My thoughts on this blog post.

PRBreakfast Club – 5 communications lessons from Dave Grohl & The Foo Fighters

          Comm 240 – 1st Weekly Post


Likes, Dislikes, and Incorporation of ideas into my future blog postings

Intro: I clicked on this post from because The Foo Fighters are one of the most influential bands of this generation, I have listened to their music since I was a kid and continue to have a strong presence in the social media world. They are also one of the few bands from the grunge era that have been able to stay together along with Pearl Jam and a few other notable bands.

Likes: A few things I liked about this post was its simplicity and segmented style, he gave very short insight and tidbits into what each PR example means. The way the author gave examples of the bands many PR mishaps and successes gave it a clean look. It’s message was clear-cut to show what events have taken place for The Foo Fighters and what they have gone through in their career that has been either good or bad.

Dislikes: One thing I did not like about the blog is the lack of creativity within the page itself, for a band being as influential and widely known as The Foo Fighters the writer of this blog could have made the page more creative with multiple pictures and designs that make it stand out. This would give the readers something else to latch onto outside of the post and information given.

Incorporate ideas into blog: I would incorporate the authors tidiness and clean- cut  version of his posting, it gives it a professional look without lacking the subjectivity and examples of The Foo Fighters PR history. He used many links to other websites that would go more in-depth into each of the PR examples while still giving his own insight into each situation. He also used a very friendly approach at the beginning of the post which gave readers like myself a very welcoming feeling and kept me engaged throughout the post.




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